Water rescue: Crews pull man and truck from pond

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Just after 6:30 p.m. Sunday, emergency crews pulled a man and his Ford F-150 out of a pond on Edison Lakes Parkway.  

Police say the driver was speeding down the parkway when he lost control of his truck, uprooted a tree, knocked over a sign, and ended up eleven feet under water.  

Mishawaka firefighters say their first priority was to make sure no one was pinned in or under the truck. They say anytime a car ends up in a body of water there are a number of concerns.  

Captain Brian Linson with Mishawaka Fire says in this case the driver busted his windows out.  

He says that is exactly what you should do if you ever lose control of your car and see that you are headnig towards water. 

Linson says the key is to unlock doors and roll down windows before your car sinks, because once under water it is nearly impossible.

Police are investigating the accident to determine whether or not alcohol was involved.

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