Waterfall High Rise residents fed up with bed bugs

ELKHART, Ind. – They call it The Bed Bug Hotel. Residents at the Waterfall High Rise Apartments at 303 Waterfall Drive in Elkhart said they are sick and tired of being bitten up by bed bugs.

Waterfall residents said they have been dealing with this problem for over a year. They say if the complex was not low income housing, the problem would have already been taken care of.

“If this was happening at Simonton Lake, we would hear a report about it and then it would be taken care of," said Waterfall resident John Danner.

Waterfall High Rise resident John Danner says the bed bug problem at his complex has been going on way too long.

He said he has been fortunate. His apartment has not yet been infested.

“If I had that, I would be screaming," said Danner.

But not everyone at the complex has been so lucky.

“My arms got bit up and they were red and bleeding," said Waterfall resident Jerry Hamilton.

Resident Jerry Hamilton says he has been dealing with the blood sucking bugs since December.

He says the housing authority is trying, but he does not think they are exterminating the bugs properly.

“They keep doing certain rooms on certain floors, but I think they need to do every room on every floor," said Hamilton.

Resident Debbie Harman disagrees. She said the housing authority is working hard to get rid of the bed bugs, but other residents are not doing enough.

“One of the reasons there is such a problem here is that people are not complying with what it takes to get rid of the bed bugs," said resident Debbie Harman.

Danner said he does not care why there are bed bugs. He just wants the problem fixed, before it spreads to his place.

“Do not let it get to my apartment, because we will be taking about it if it gets to my apartment," said Danner.

ABC 57 did leave a message with the Elkhart Housing Authorities’ answering service. The Housing Authorities’ administrative assistant said they will not be able to get back with us until Monday.

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