We fall into a winter chill

Veteran's Day starts off very mild in the 50s due to a southerly wind and we'll stay warm for the whole entire morning. It will be a very breezy day with gusts up to 25 MPH lasting until Wednesday morning. Once the wind shifts to the west in the early afternoon, our temps will drop into the upper 40s. By the late afternoon, the wind will shift to the northwest and our temps will drop even further into the low 40s


The best chance for showers will be in early afternoon. After 5 PM, there will be a few isolated showers. Our temps drop to about 36° by 10 PM and we will see a mix of rain/snow with these iso'd showers starting at that time. Overnight our temps will plummet to the upper 20s. There will be a 20 degree temperature difference from Veteran's Day to Wednesday, which only warms up to the low 30s.


Tomorrow morning, the wind chill will make temps feel like they're around 19° so bundle up and stay warm!

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