We need rain: Michiana showing signs of drought.

The first quarter of 2016 was know for above normal precipitation and and below normal temperatures. That trend has changed drastically over the past four weeks to warmer and drier. A trend that's noticeably more exaggerated being in the middle of the growing season. Many lawns are turning brown and if this trend continues could cause significant harm to crops. 

Since the end of May, regular rainfall has tapered off significantly. Annual precipitation has started to fall below normal but the real impact is the lack of rain in June. One of our rainiest months is over an inch and a half below normal. 

The most recent Drought Monitor has the area along the state line in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan in abnormally dry conditions. As we're showing the first signs of drought, something that could worsen without significant rainfall soon. 

Tuesday and Wednesday brings a much needed chance for rain. It won't be enough to overcome our recent dry spell but could be enough to keep crops green or alive until our next chance for rain, that could be more that a week away. Monday's 18z run of Forecast Track shows there is the possibility of some soaking rainfall with showers and thunderstorms. However it may not be widespread. The is an estimate of rainfall, the real take-way is the spottiness of the heavy rain amounts. This could mean only some see significant rainfall. The hope is many will see over 0.25 inches in the next two days, enough to provide some relief, more than that would be greatly beneficial. 

After Wednesday a long dry stretch will reestablish with no rain the the forecast until late next week. So we not only need rain to overcome our current dry spell but to last us through another significant sunny stretch. If you want to keep the lawn and garden green, keep watering. 

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