Weather could impact Notre Dame game Saturday

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- More than 80,000 fans are expected to pack Notre Dame Stadium Saturday when they kick off their 2014-2015 football season against Rice. Storms are in Saturday's forecast, which could put a damper on the game.

"If we have to deal with severe weather tomorrow we're prepared to do that and we'll make that call," said Mike Seamon, the Director of Game Day Operations.

Seamon says they could be forced to evacuate the stadium if bad weather hits campus.

"If it is bad weather, severe weather, lightning, high winds or anything like that around the stadium within 10 miles or so we will make a call to evacuate the stadium," said Seamon.

If that happens, the concourse and surrounding buildings will be open to fans looking to find shelter.

"Our number one priority on game day, our number one priority is that all the fans remain safe. All of the fans the players, the bands, you name it," said Seamon.

Tailgaters would have the option to stay outside.

Notre Dame officials will continue to track the weather if the game is delayed or suspended.

"Once our meteorologist and personnel assess that the bad weather has moved out of our area, we'll resume the game right away," said Seamon.

Fans say storms or not they will be cheering on the fighting irish.

"No chance I'm leaving," said fan Ron Patty Jr.

"Oh I'll be here. That doesn't matter to me. I've been waiting a long time to get here," said Jen Semar.

Officials have only had to evacuate the stadium once during the South Florida game in 2012.


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