Weather has huge impact on fruit crops

EAU CLAIRE, Mich. -- From rain to sunshine to heat – weather over the last few weeks worried some fruit farmers. Farmers say what's best for fruit is a perfect balance of rain and sunshine. 

Weather in Michiana can be unpredictable.

"First of all it has been fabulous in the beginning, because we only had one frost event, which you can tell when you look across the farm the bountiful amount of fruit that is on all of the trees,” said Bill Teichman, General Manager of Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm.

Too much rain almost ruined his cherries.

"Lately it has been warm. It has been warm for about five weeks which brought on sweet cherries very quickly. Then non-stop rain for about a week which cracked some of them,” said Teichman.

Luckily for Teichman, the heat, while not so good for cherries, is good for peaches.

"We will have peaches next. Peaches are one of our main crops. And we have about 30 different varieties of peaches that ripen over periods of time. So if you come to pick peaches in the last of July, or in the early part of August, you will find some very nice tanning and freezing peaches," said Teichman.

Teichman says if you love cherries, now is the time to get them.

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