Web Exclusive: Owner chose boutique's name after struggle with infertility

Web Exclusive: Owner chose boutique’s name after struggle with infertility

SOUTH BEND, Ind.—A new boutique in downtown South Bend is a lot more than just clothes and shoes, according to owner Angie Cave.

“This boutique is very important to me and it’s more than just all of the fun stuff. For me, it has an actual meaning behind it. This is my baby girl,” Cave said.

Cambria Boutique opened on Black Friday 2018 in South Bend’s Emporium building.

Since then, Cave has run the store on her own, as the boutique’s only current employee.

When first launching the business as an online boutique in 2017, Cave consulted with her husband, Chad, as she tried to come up with a name for the store.

“My husband and I were throwing names around and he was like well why don’t you name it [the boutique] Cambria, and Cambria has a special place in both of our hearts. My husband and I have tried to have children and we haven’t been able to so Cambria is our little girl’s name if did ever have children,” Cave said.

Cave and her husband have struggled with infertility for over six years.

The boutique’s name is etched on an interior wall of the store, which Cave spent over five hours doing by hand, using a projector and a pencil.

Cave has been a hairstylist for 20 years and worked upstairs at the Emporium in the Studio C Hair Salon when the boutique's space became available.

“I’ve always been into fashion and shopping, especially shopping local, so I decided to do an online boutique and see how it would go. I never thought I would open an actual storefront, so when the space became available, I just jumped on it and went for it,” Cave said.

Cambria Boutique sells women’s clothing and accessories. Two of the brands featured at the boutique are from other local entrepreneurs, including a jewelry collection and a natural products line.

Cave continues to work as a hairstylist full time while she runs the boutique. She says time management is her biggest challenge.

“This is all still kind of new for me and I kind of feel like I’m still on my training wheels a little bit and I haven’t quite taken them off,” Cave said.

The longtime South Bend resident says she hopes to become more involved in the local entrepreneur community and grow the boutique, hopefully, hiring a few more employees in the future.

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