Website can help you pick your president

If you are still one of the undecided voters, there is a website for some quick research on all the important issues.

It is called  It is an easy step by step quiz that asks tough questions to see who best represents what you believe.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson.  Where do they stand on healthcare, the economy, offshore drilling?

With so many issues at stake this election, it is hard to figure out which candidate will benefit your best interest.

So now the website, is doing it for you.  Just take the easy political quiz. 

First the site will give you a list of multiple choice questions. For instance, "What is your stance on abortion?" or "Should gay marriage be legal?" 

You then make a selection: yes, no, or other.  You can also fill in the blank to make your own stance. 

And you can weight the issues that matter to you most.  Click on your state to find out how others where you live lean.  The site will total up your answers and show you which candidate you side with most and by what percentage.

The website can also help you pick a side with the senate.

So if you are having trouble deciding between the red and blue, this site may be just for you.

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