Weekend looks hopeful for Michiana's abnormally dry conditions

The latest drought monitor, which just came out Thursday, is showing 'abnormally dry' conditions over some of Michiana.

Parts of La Porte, St. Joseph, Elkhart, LaGrange, Marshall, Pulaski and Kosciusko counties are abnormally dry, and many homeowners have noticed this in their lawn. July is normally Michiana’s rainiest month of the year, receiving 4" on average by the end of the month. We are more than half way through the month with only .55" and a current deficit of 1.72".

U.S. Drought Monitor

A low pressure system will move in on Friday, bringing several chances for rain through Sunday. It is expected to move slowly over Michiana, because of the way it is structured.

A strong low pressure system is tilted, meaning the center of low pressure at the surface is ahead of the center of low pressure in the upper atmosphere. This indicates that there is wind shear present, which is a key ingredient in severe weather, and keeps the low pressure system moving forward.

The system moving into Michiana on Friday has stacked low pressure centers. This means the low pressure aloft is directly over the low pressure at the surface. This will cause the system as a whole to start weakening and slowing down.

Because of the system’s slow nature, it will spin over Michiana throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will likely have heavy rain on Friday, and a low chance for a couple severe thunderstorms. This rain is much needed and will help our monthly rainfall deficit.

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