Weishfest raises funds for Andrew Weishar Foundation

NOW: Weishfest raises funds for Andrew Weishar Foundation


Earlier this season we shared the story of Notre Dame tight end Nic Weishar. His older brother Andrew lost his battle with cancer when he was just 21 years old. In response, the family created the Andrew Weishar Foundation to honor his dying wish to pay forward the kindness and generosity he and his family received during his battle.

The foundation has been changing lives and having a lot of fun along the way through an incredible fundraising event called Weishfest.

This year, third eye blind was the headlining band for Weishfest, an all day music festival on Chicago's south side that raises frunds for the Andrew Weishar Foundation.

"Before Andrew passed he sat the family down and said 'The one thing I want from all this is to be able to pay forward the kindness and generosity that we've received.' Danny had this vision of this foundation and I think it was sent to him for a reason and I think he's doing a great job of Andrew's wish being realized," Nic Weishar said.

Middle brother-Danny spear headed Weish4Ever as the president and executive director of the Andrew Weishar Foundation.

"We had thousands of people come to our door step when we were in need and he obviously recognized that. And the one and only thing he wanted to insure was that other families felt that same support and luckily WeishFest has spawned from that one wish and drives the mission and we're helping a lot of people as a result of it," Danny said.

"We help young adolescents and children's families with cancer. We give them money directly and have them do as they please. Cancer is a huge financial burden whether it be little things you don't even think of like paying for parking in Chicago when you're going to the hospital for treatment. So we tell the families they can do whatever they want with the money," Nic said.

Since 2013, the Andrew Weishar Foundation has gifted 100 families with $600,000 in financial support.

While the AWF has been supporting families, Nic's teammates have been supporting him.

Thirty Notre Dame football players rocked out at this year's Weishfest

"The captains of the team and Nic rallied a bunch of guys and it's impressive, those are 21 year old kids and they put themselves out there to make sure other families feel the support with us and they buy into the mission and we're just so fortunate to have them here with us," Danny said.

Former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer has taken his support to the next level.

"On draft day, the lining of his coat, Jack Links was the sponsor for it and it had #Weish4Ever on the inside of his jacket and he was able to raise some money through that," Nic said.

His support has continued into the NFL.

In all Kizer has helped raise thousands of dollars and given national exposure for the Andrew Weishar Foundation.

How does it feel to have the team understand what he's going through and support him?

"It means everything. I think that's what makes Notre Dame so special it's just the people here. They're guys who really want the best for everybody and to have their support is really special," Nic said.

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