Wesco with residents, says Town of Osceola needs solution for fire department

Tuesday night,  families and business owners are still left with unanswered questions regarding the future of their fire department, or receiving emergency services will look like
Jennifer Stout, an Osceola resident, watched her neighbor’s house burn down just last week.
“The town of Osceola needs to acknowledge there is a problem. They need to acknowledge we do not have fire protection,” said Stout.
ABC 57 News spoke one-on-one with district representative Timothy Wesco, who lives in Osceola and knows the struggle between the town and neighboring fire departments first hand.
The District 21 Rep served as a firefighter for five years in Penn Township.
Wesco says the town realistically has two options.
“The first option is to hire full-time personnel and come up with the necessary funds to make that happen. The Second option would be to sign a contract with Penn Township, which surrounds Osceola, to provide their fire service,” said Wesco.
Wesco says ultimately, the town of Osceola is responsible for their residents.
“Legally they are required to provide fire protection. So the laws are already in place. Fire protection cannot be put off, it has to be resolved as soon as possible,” said Wesco.
On Tuesday evening, the Town Hall posted a notice on their door stating a special meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 18 at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the future of the town’s emergency services.

For the first time town taxpayers, families and business owners may get their questions answered.
ABC 57 News tried once again to reach out to the Town of Osceola, but did not receive any response.

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