What a weekend Summer to Fall in just a matter of hours?

 The start of this weekend will remind us of the heart of summer, late July and early August as temperatures sore into the upper 90s Friday, by the end of the weekend you can put away the pool toys and break out the jeans, and for some a hoodie as highs will be lucky to break 70° on Labor Day. 

Here's a breakdown of the weekend, you can follow along with the attached photo album. 

Friday 3 PM: This is the HOT start of the weekend as the front remains north and opens the gate to a southwesterly wind bringing heat and humidity. This will keep things muggy through the evening. 

Saturday 8AM: We're still muggy but there will be clouds starting to build as the front lingers to the northwest and a low develops. This system will bend but not buckle into Michiana. This mean the tailgate stays dry through 3:30pm when the game kicks off.

Saturday 5pm: During the game it will still be muggy, but the sun will begin to be covered by clouds as they build in ahead of the dropping cold front. This will be the big factor on Saturday. Right now it looks like there will be scattered showers by the 3rd - 4th Quarter, with more widespread showers after the game. 

Sunday 7am: The first front has moved through and temperatures will be dramatically cooler, highs only in the middle 70s on Sunday. The day will start out cloudy with some lingering lake effect rain showers, clearing in the afternoon. Also seen in this image is a 2nd front that will drop temperatures even more and bring in that Fall feeling by Monday as highs will be lucky to reach 70° in most spots.

We'll go from a near record high Friday ( 99°, 1929) to near ( well in the neighborhood of) our record minimum High Monday ( 61°,1905 & 1924)

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