What started as a couple lending a helping hand ended in a robbery

ELKHART, Ind.---- On the 500 block of Marion St. around 1:45 a.m. on Monday, a couple got a knock on their door from a woman who said her car broke down and needed to use a phone.

What started as them lending a helping hand ended in a robbery.

The woman and two men with ski masks on entered the home with guns. The suspects proceeded to take the couple’s valuable items.

Kelly Snyder, one of the victims of the robbery, said she and her husband were scared for their lives.

“Me and my husband are lucky to be alive too,” said Snyder.

Snyder said the robbers took her purse, Medicaid cards, PlayStation, and $700 in rent money.

This experience was extremely traumatic for the couple. Snyder said she and her husband have been distraught.

“We couldn’t sleep,” said Snyder. “We were basically traumatized from it and I was not happy. I’m still shaken up from it.”

Taking it day-by-day is what Snyder said she and her husband will have to do. She said it’s going to take time for them to heal from this situation.

Snyder said that the suspects have not been found and according to Elkhart officials the case is still under investigation.

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