What to do to burn off Super Bowl snacks

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - If you are feeling a bit sluggish from all the food you ate during the big game on Sunday, you are not alone.

But how many calories does the average person consume on game day and how long will it take to burn it all off.

Two personal trainers in Michiana said with hard work and dedication you can burn off all the Super Bowl snacks in a week.

“To lose weight, we have to run a calorie deficit. We have to eat fewer calories than what we’re burning off and unfortunately, this Super Bowl Sunday, which you’re going to be running a calorie surplus more than likely because you’re not playing the game your watching,” said Greg Mackey, the Vice President of Pure Core Health & Fitness.

Mackey said it’s a simple equation to burn off all that snacking from Super Bowl Sunday. You take how many calories you’re consuming, against how many calories you’re trying to burn off.

“The type of activity that burns the must off fast is cardiovascular workouts. So, that’s your running and cycling and jumping around and doing all that kind of activity to get your circulatory system going,” Mackey said.

So, if you’ve indulged in all your favorite super bowl snacks like chicken wings, pizza, and mozzarella sticks that can add up about 2,070 calories. So, how do you burn it all off?

World Gym Mishawaka, personal trainer Jonathan Kyles said 30 thirty minutes of cardio exercise can burn about three slices of pizza.

“If you kind of know what you’re doing as far as calorie count or, basically just have your maintenance of what you're eating throughout the week you can kind of do your basic cardio, your 30 minutes, 20 minutes cardio and you will lose that throughout the course of the week,” Kyles said.

Realistically, Kyles said it can take a person two to three hours of working out in a day, to burn off all the calories consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. To put that into perspective, Kyles said you’d need to run two laps around a football field.

“It depends on your speed, that depends on your cardiovascular, if you’re looking more it may take you less than somebody who has a high cardiovascular, it may take them a little bit longer it just all depends on where their body is,” Kyles said.

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