What to know ahead of your last-minute grocery trips today

NOW: What to know ahead of your last-minute grocery trips today

You can count on a white Christmas this year, with not just snow in the forecast – but a blizzard.

With the blizzard set to roll in this holiday weekend, people are encouraged to get that last-minute shopping done today, as this morning may be your last chance to safely do so.

Shoppers hit the stores yesterday, leaving many shelves empty and some without items they had hoped to pick up.

While most rush to fill their fridges and freezers when a storm is coming, it’s important to not panic-buy and fill a fridge that could potentially not work during the storm.

With possible power outages, you should also consider buying food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen.

This includes things like dried cereal, peanut butter, crackers, bread, granola, and of course, water.

Canned goods are also good to have, just don’t forget to make sure you have a manual can opener.

Paper plates and disposable utensils can come in handy if your power or water goes out.

Aside from food, hygiene products like toilet paper, paper towels and hand sanitizer are good to stock up on as well.

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