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What type of an impact will South Bend casino have on area businesses?

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. -- The Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo has been open for ten years. City leaders say there are particular businesses that tend to do well because of the casino and that's something South Bend can look forward to.

“It’s a whole separate crowd you have the tourists who are coming here for the beach and the people who are coming here for the casino," said Michelle Heit, supervisor for New Buffalo Township Hall.

That’s the bottom line when it comes to Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo.

What should South Bend expect once the casino opens there?

“People seem to come from a long distance to come to casinos, so I could definitely see outside of the casino in South Bend there being hotels," said Heit.

Heit says other than the hotels, they haven't seen much of an impact on business.

“I think we anticipated more businesses popping up. That hasn’t happened yet," Heit said.

Unless it’s a business directly outside of the casino.

“Things like gas stations. The McDonalds at exit 1, I think that’s probably been busier because of the casino," Heit said.

Another bonus, the casinos bring a lot of big name entertainers to the area.

“We’d have to probably travel to Chicago to see a lot of the type of concerts that they’ve had at the casino," Heit said.

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