What's next for condemned Benton Harbor community

NOW: What’s next for condemned Benton Harbor community


BENTON HARBOR, Mich – The New Harbor Condominium complex in Benton Harbor is undergoing changes. 

Both Berrien County and the city of Benton Harbor officials announced that the complex which has been a staple in the community has been condemned. 

The week of Thanksgiving families that still reside at the complex are scrambling to find a new place to live.  

“If they take this place away including myself where are we gonna go,” New Harbor resident Ann Jackson said. 

Berrien County Treasurer Bret Witkowski said this is a tough situation that everyone is in. 

“It’s really a tough situation that we don’t want to be in but we’re in,” Witkowski said. 

According to the County they foreclosed on 43 of 90 units on April 1stdue to $144 thousand dollars in unpaid taxes. 

The city of Benton Harbor said the owners owe $116 thousand dollars in water and sewage bills. 

ABC57 reached out to two owners through who never responded to our request for comment. 

Local Real Estate Developer Ross Hadley said the problems at New Harbor are years in the making. 

“What happened why sales went down was because the city government changed people lost faith in it, the government and people stopped coming across the river to buy,” Hadley said. 

According to Ann Jackson the living conditions have continued to deteriorate. 

"In the least 5 years, yeah in the past five years it has really went down," Jackson said. 

After inspections by the city they ruled the conditions were unlivable.  

Local organizations have helped find housing for New Harbor residents.

For those still interested in helping contact Berrien County Treasurer Bret Witkowski at 269-983-7111 ext 8569

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