Whirlpool in Benton Harbor donating medical equipment to healthcare providers

NOW: Whirlpool in Benton Harbor donating medical equipment to healthcare providers

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – In addition to already donating thousands of personal protective equipment, Whirlpool in Benton Harbor will also be providing ventilators and respirators to Michiana healthcare facilities.

Whirlpool recently partnered with Dow Chemical and Reynolds Consumer Products when they learned that Spectrum Lakeland Health needed additional supplies and equipment to treat COVID-19 patients.

In the past several weeks, Whirlpool has designed, manufactured and assembled “powered air-purifier respirators.”

500 respirators were donated to Spectrum Lakeland Health, and Whirlpool says that they are committed to donating more medical supplies and equipment.

Christian Gianni, The Vice President of Technology at Whirlpool, spoke about the efforts being made provide much needed assistance to healthcare providers, and he said the goal is to enable the hospitals to treat as many patients as they can.

“This is what’s different about our unit,” Gianni said. “First of all, we tried to make it cost effective so we could distribute it out to many people, and then secondly, the hood is disposable so when the clinicians go into the hot environments with the COVID virus; they can come out of that and literally take the hood off, dispose of that, and then next time when they go and see a different patient they can put a clean hood on and go and see that patient.”

If you are a healthcare provider and want to receive respirators, all you have to do is contact Whirlpool.

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