White Pigeon fire kills pregnant woman and 7-year-old boy

NOW: White Pigeon fire kills pregnant woman and 7-year-old boy

WHITE PIGEON, Mich.---A deadly house fire took place around 3 a.m. Tuesday and left two people dead, one being a 36- year-old pregnant woman who was supposed to have her baby in just a few weeks and a 7-year-old boy.

Michigan State Fire Investigators spoke with one of the occupants of the home, one of which who said they had woken up and found the couch on fire. Another occupant said they saw the flames coming from the same room.

Eight occupants were able to leave the home on their own and one of the children was rescued through a window.

One of the occupants interviewed said they had been having electrical issues in the house and that he ran an electrical cord in the home.

Fire investigators said they did not find anything suspicious throughout their investigation.

With the home’s charred remains left behind, it has been a sight hard to miss for people in the community.

A neighbor of the fire victims, Peggy Hull, said she just can’t believe what happened.

“Very sad and upset over it. Especially since this time of year, it’s going to really devastate the family to have something like this happen. I just have my prayers and thoughts with them, “Hull said.

According to police chief Troy Andrews, of the people that made it out alive, 7 people were transported to the hospital for evaluation and 2 people refused treatment.

At this time, all of the occupants have been released from the hospital and one person is being held under medical conditions unrelated to the fire.

Chief Andrews of the White Pigeon Fire Department said the community has come together during this tragic time.

 “The Red Cross came to the scene as well as the St. Joseph County victim service unit and assisted us with the family,” Andrew said. “They also went to the hospital and are doing everything they can to find homes and clothing for those affected.”

Some of those who have survived have gone with family members to their homes. Meanwhile, counseling is being offered to those affected by this morning’s loss. Especially considering one of those who died was just 7-years-old.

The fire department still hasn’t released the names of those deceased or injured.




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