Wild weather across country this week, including Michiana's intense heat

NOW: Wild weather across country this week, including Michiana’s intense heat


This week in Michiana, heat indices will climb into the triple digits. This intense heat is just part of the wild weather we're seeing across the United States this week.

Parts of the northeast coast are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Henri, which was a category one storm. Some areas picked up six to eight inches of flood. The storm has dissipated and rain has ended, but communities are still dealing with the flooding this week.

When Henri hit on Sunday, it was the first hurricane to make landfall in this area since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.

As we travel across the nation from east to west, we'll find that a lot of the Midwest (not just Michiana) is dealing with intense heat this week.

Early this morning, severe thunderstorms were firing in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Tennessee is still cleaning up from record rain over the weekend.

McEwen, Tennessee, set a new record for daily rainfall total in the entire state of Tennessee with 17.02 inches of rain.

While some areas have rain and floods, parts of the west are extremely dry right now. The upper basin of the Colorado River supplies water to 40 million people, but this river is running nearly dry.

Wildfires continue to rage in our western states, including the Dixie fire in California. As of August 23, over 4.5 million acres of land have burned due to wildfires this year.

With all the talk of heat and humidity, this one might come as a surprise to you: a frost advisory in western Montana. This morning, temperatures in the area dropped into the upper 30s.

Remember with our intense heat this week to take care of yourself, take it easy, and drink plenty of water.

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