Wild Winds & Plenty of Cold This Weekend

NOW: Wild Winds & Plenty of Cold This Weekend

Hopefully you are ready for a wild weekend of weather! We will see anything from 40-50 MPH wind gusts to rain, thunder, snow, 50-degree temperatures, and frigid wind chills! Luckily, accumulating snow is the one thing we likely will not experience this weekend in Michiana.

Now let's break down the timeline of when to expect all of the above weather phenomena. Rain and possibly a few thunderstorms will fall through the evening and overnight and last through the first half of Saturday. It won't rain heavily or steadily that entire time, but when it is raining, it could fall at a good clip. The heaviest axis of rain looks to set up just south of Michiana, but a healthy 1-2" is certainly doable for most of the region, especially northern Indiana.

Winds will be quite strong through this evening, tonight and much of Saturday. In fact, we could be talking wind gusts as high as 40-50 MPH at times. It wouldn't be overly shocking to have a wind gust clock in above 50 MPH somewhere in northern Indiana tonight or Saturday afternoon. 

The reasoning behind these strong wind gusts is the strength of the eventual area of low pressure that will develop and deepen across central Indiana. As the low deepens, its pressure will drop below 990 millibars. When lows sink below that number, there is usually a good bit of wind energy associated with them. This instance will not be any different. Believe it or not, we haven't seen winds reach 50 MPH since April 6th!

Now let's talk temperatures. They will actually rise tonight into early Saturday morning into the lower 50s area-wide before falling through the day Saturday. By Saturday evening, temperatures will be in the middle and upper 30s! It will feel like a backwards day with temperatures getting cold as the day progresses. 

But that is not the coldest we will get. Sunday we will spend all day in the lower 30s with brisk northwesterly winds gusting as high as 15-25 MPH. That, combined with a healthy amount of cloud cover, will make it feel like it's in the lower 20s pretty much all afternoon long! It will certainly be one of the coldest days we have seen in quite some time!

The good news is the weather calms down just in time for Thanksgiving week with plenty of sun and milder temperatures overall! 

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