Will Veterans surrender firearms in the name of suicide prevention?

By Michele McCormack

Milwaukee, Wisc. (WDJT) -- If someone was drunk, we take away their car keys.

So if a Veteran is struggling with depression or other stresses, should we ask them to surrender their firearm?

A Wisconsin psychologist says it is one of her biggest challenges among patients and Veterans who relied on their gun for survival while serving.

Now Heidi Sigmund is speaking out about research in suicide attempts showing that the act is spur of the moment and not well planned over time as many previously have thought.

"What we have learned from individuals who have attempted suicide and survived is that 24% decided to attempt within five minutes," Sigmund tells CBS 58 News. "That's why we try to get them to distance themselves from the firearm if they can."

But what if you can't convince them?

Sigmund isn't giving up.

For a link to Cover Me Veterans, the non profit formed by Sigmund, visit covermeveterans.org.


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