Windy and rainy Saturday

NOW: Windy and rainy Saturday

Windy and rainy Saturday. Wind gusts could top 40 mph and rain amounts may be over an inch. There will be a brief lull in the wind Saturday morning, before it turns northwesterly and gusts through the afternoon. Temperatures will crash form near 50 mid-morning, to the low 40s by evening and 30s by early Sunday. Lake effect snow showers are also possible Sunday morning but accumulation is unlikely.

Tonight: Windy and rainy, temperatures hold or rise through the 40s. 

Wind gust forecast early Saturday

Saturday: Wind and rainy, highs near 52 but falling through the afternoon.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with chance of lake effect snow showers early. High of 34.

Monday: Mostly sunny, highs in the mid-40s.

Wind gust forecast Saturday afternoon

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