WINNERS: Watch and Win $57,000

Winners of $1,000

  • Darryl D., Osceola, Ind.

  • Roxanne H., Elkhart, Ind.

  • Michelle N., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Randy B., South Bend, Ind.

  • Susan S., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Angela R., Elkhart, Ind.

  • Melissa M., Walkerton, Ind.

  • Alice O., Plymouth, Ind.

  • Cindy T., South Bend, Ind.

  • Leah B., Warsaw, Ind.

  • Allison F., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Jim R., Granger, Ind.

  • Bobbie M., Niles, Mich.

  • Laurie B., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Angela V., Niles, Mich.

  • Ashley R., Goshen, Ind.

  • Angie H., Osceola, Ind.

  • Dennis D., Dowagiac, Mich.

  • Lauren C., South bend, Ind.

  • Rebecca W., South Bend, Ind.

  • Christine L., South Bend, Ind.

  • Scott R., Elkhart, Ind.

  • Tim S., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Kevin B., Benton Harbor, Mich.

  • Judy H., South Bend, Ind.

  • Deborah F., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Traci M., South Bend, Ind.

  • Amy G., Elkhart, Ind.

  • Chris W., North Liberty, Ind.

  • Angelina G., Walkerton, Ind.

  • Kimberly G., Elkhart, Ind.

  • Scott T., South Bend, Ind.

  • Robert B., Argos, Ind.

  • Kathy A., Elkhart, Ind.

  • John L., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Alice E., Osceola, Ind.

  • Tim J., South Bend,, Ind.

  • Patricia F., South Bend, Ind.

  • Susan C., Granger, Ind.

  • Mike D., Middlebury, Ind.

  • Jenny E., South Bend, Ind.

  • Traci L., Plymouth, Ind.

  • Stacy C., Elkhart, Ind.

  • Caitlin F., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • Debra B. South Bend, Ind.

  • Julie J., Mishawaka, Ind.

  • David A., South Bend, Ind.

  • David Z., Niles, Mich.

  • Timmy C., South Bend, Ind.

  • Irene C., Watervliet, Mich.

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