Winter Concert Series kicks off at Battell Center

NOW: Winter Concert Series kicks off at Battell Center

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Mishawaka is looking to bring arts and entertainment to neighborhoods near downtown.

The princess city’s parks department kicked off the first ever winter concert series in the hopes of attracting more folks to the recently renovated Battell Center.

“There’s a concert tonight, there’s a concert in March and there’s a concert in February,” said Clare Kopec, director of Battell Community Center. “Warm people up, come on in, and see the newly renovated auditorium as well.”

Back in 2016, the city made a huge investment in this center.

“It was a multimillion dollar project so we’re happy to show it off,” said Kpoec. “A lot of people in the community don’t know it exists.”

Two million dollars in improvements later, the parks department is now looking to ramp up programming in order to get folks to come to the center.

“The last time we were here was so long ago, I think I took a belly dancing class and I watched a play,” said concert-goer Mary Morgan.

Turns out that was 15 years ago for Mary and her husband.

And Friday they were back for good music and a good time.

“We appreciate so much having things like this in the community,” said Morgan. “It’s one of the things we love about this community.”

The winter concert series continues on February 9 and March 16.

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