Winter storm will immobilize parts of the Midwest this weekend

NOW: Winter storm will immobilize parts of the Midwest this weekend

The next big winter storm will move across the Midwest this weekend, bringing heavy snow to areas that do not normally experience winter weather. Anybody traveling within the Midwest this weekend will have to face slick roads and heavy snow accumulation. This is especially true for southern Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Take a look at the threat tracker:

Not much snow accumulation will add up in northern Indiana or northern Illinois. However, further south, there is a high probability that many spots in central and southern Indiana and Illinois will receive over four inches of snow within twenty-four to thirty-six hours. There is at least a 50% chance that St. Louis and parts of Missouri will receive over eight inches.

Models are still having a hard time agreeing on snowfall totals. It's all going to depend on how much moisture is pulled into the system from the south. The NAM is calling for higher snowfall totals due to more moisture influx into the storm. The GFS and EURO are going lighter on snowfall totals. Still, all models are calling for more than seven inches for St. Louis, around five to six inches for Indianapolis, and one to three inches in Michiana.

Friday night to Saturday is when widespread snow will be coming down across the Midwest, and therefore travel will be most difficult. There is also a chance for wintry mix and freezing rain in southern Indiana and Kentucky. Snow will end for most by Saturday night and early Sunday morning, making Sunday a better travel day.

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