Winter weather driving safety during upcoming holiday storm

NOW: Winter weather driving safety during upcoming holiday storm

With the potential for hazardous weather on the way this weekend, it could make the roads not only messy but dangerous. White out conditions are possible. Whether you’re planning on traveling out of state or across town, it’s best to plan ahead.

The best option is to stay home or rearrange your plans. Wait for the storm to pass and hit the roads once crews have had the chance to treat them.

If that is not an option be prepared.

Make sure your car is up on its maintenance and full of gas.

Make sure your wipers are working and your lights are cleared so you have the best view possible.

Once you’re on the road, leave plenty of room in front of the car in front of you and leave space for road crews.

And lastly, Sgt. Ted Bohner with the Indiana State Police says the most important rule on snowy roads is to take it slow.

“That brings us up to my famous advice, which is to simply slow down, because that’s what creates so much of the issues is being in a hurry…and driving too fast for the conditions," said Bohner. "I know if you say the speed limit is 55 miles per hour and I was going 45, it’s possible that’s still too fast. The most important thing is to get there safely, and if that takes extra time, then that’s what it takes.”

If you’re involved in a slide-off or collision, make sure that you’re not stopped in the lane of traffic.

Stay in your car, unless there is a fire or other hazard. It’s best to be shielded from other possible impacts and from the cold and snow. Make sure your exhaust pipe is not covered and/or crack a window from time to time to keep fresh air circulating. And take note to recognize where you are so responders can see you.

The toll road and I-94 are no strangers to weather-involved crashes in Michiana--so be prepared before you hit the road.

“If there is a crash on some of these major roadways, and they have to be shut down for these vehicles to move, plan on being able to stay safely in your car for a period of time," said Bohner.

Make sure to have an emergency kit.  Here's what to pack.

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