With the vaccine on its' way health officials are working to keep the public informed

NOW: With the vaccine on its’ way health officials are working to keep the public informed

ELKHART, Ind. --- The Covid-19 vaccine has residents and businesses all over Elkhart County looking for answers. Few though, are willing to speak, until more information is known about the safety and effectiveness of this vaccine.

"Most employers want their employees to take the vaccine if it's safe and effective," said Elkhart County Health Officer Lydia Mertz. 

In order to keep businesses open, health officials say yes, it is in the best interest of employees within Elkhart County to be vaccinated. Most though, are unsure, but one thing they should know is the decision is entirely up to them. 

"Those vaccines were all developed under EUA, or emergency use authorization, they cannot be made mandatory," said Mertz. 

Dr. Mertz understands, a lack of information on the vaccine will scare some, but wants to remind the public that this vaccine is the best shot we currently have. 

"Everybody's tired of the pandemic. We're tired of limiting our groups, not being able to hug people or go see our families. We're tired of wearing masks, and the way out of that is to get almost everybody vaccinated," said Mertz. 

When it comes to this vaccine, information is key, and without that people will opt against taking it. 

"The employees need the information that they can make the decision. They're not going to get vaccinated just because the boss says so. They need the information, the health information that will allow them to make a responsible choice. And that's where we come in," said Mertz.

The health department wants Elkhart County residents to understand, this vaccine is safe, effective, and they will receive it once their turn arrives.

"So by watching the steps as it goes along, this vaccine is safe, it's effective, and we need to roll it out. When the time comes I'm going to get it," said Mertz. 

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