Witness to Notre Dame hockey player's bar brawl speaks out

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Prosecutors charged a Notre Dame hockey player with three misdemeanors, including battery, after his arrest at Brothers Bar and Grill for allegedly punching a female employee in the face.

Now, Jared Beers, 22, is suspended from the team indefinitely.

ABC 57 talked exclusively with a witness in the bar about the scuffle that got Beers kicked out of the bar and potentially off the hockey team

Like many, Agata Gorzela, watched the Super Bowl at Brothers Bar and Grill, but it's what happened after the game that caught her eye.

"We were having a conversation, just chatting and not paying attention when I saw a scuffle break out," said Gorzela.

She says she saw several employees trying to lead 22-year-old Notre Dame hockey defenseman Jared Beers to the door, but she says he was not going willingly.

"He was kind of stumbling a little bit. He did fling his arms, I saw him throw his arms up trying to get people off of him. So, they were trying to take precautions and lead him out and obviously he was not happy about leaving."

Workers say they asked Beers to leave after receiving complaints that he touched a woman inappropriately and was stealing people's drinks.

Officers say, once outside, Beers pushed a bouncer to the ground. That's when female manager Allison Frame stepped in.

According to charges filed Tuesday by prosecutors, Beers reportedly punched her in the face during the altercation.

After the fight, Beers took off, leaving behind his wallet and that's when Gorzela says she saw police pull up.

"There were three cop cars outside as I walked out, I was standing there and I heard the bar manager say that he had pulled her hair and was rough with her."

According to Frame, while she was on the ground, Beers stepped on her face and then began pulling her hair.

"I do think it was a little low of him. But I don't think it is ever acceptable to hit anyone actually."

Notre Dame's hockey team will be hitting the ice at Compton Arena this Friday against Michigan, no doubt without one of its leading defenseman. So far it's to early to see how Beers absence could potentially impact the team's season.

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