Woman accused of taking keys from FedEx truck, hitting driver with vehicle

GOSHEN, Ind. – The Goshen Police Department is investigating a report of a woman who allegedly took the keys out of a FedEx truck and then hit the FedEx driver with her own vehicle.

At 1:52 p.m. on Monday, a FedEx driver told police he was involved in an altercation with an unknown female while making a delivery in the 800 block of West Wilden Avenue.

The victim said the woman got out of her vehicle, went inside the FedEx truck, and took the keys out of the ignition, reports said.

The woman then got back into her vehicle, taking the FedEx keys with her, and hit the victim as she drove away from the scene, according to reports.

The woman drove about 50 feet with the victim still on the hood. When the woman hit the brakes, the victim said he landed on the pavement and rolled a couple of feet.

The victim sustained road rash to his left knee and pain on his left arm and shoulder.

He refused medical attention at the scene.

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