Woman fights disabilities with tae kwon do

A woman fighting against disabilities may be leading the way for people with special needs all over the country!

She could not walk without crutches before she started tae kwon do. Now, she is making big strides toward her goal.

Alecia Danch has reached her goals through sheer force of will, one step at a time.

For many people, tae kwon do is punching and kicking, but there is another side of this martial art that is changing people's lives.

Even the parents of other students are astounded by Alecia's accomplishments.

In the several years Alecia has trained at Hong's USA Tae Kwon Do, she has inspired students and teachers alike.

Now Grandmaster Hong is in talks with the Special Olympics.

His hope is to give people with special needs the same chance Alecia has had.

"Alecia has been a catalyst for us to want to do that, because we as much as she's benefitted from tae kwon do, we've gotten so much enjoyment and benefits from it ourselves," said Grandmaster Hong.

On Saturday, Alecia will take her test to receive her black belt.

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