Woman fatally struck by car while crossing street in Elkhart

ELKHART, In. - An Elkhart woman was hit and killed while crossing the street late Sunday night.

Police said that Amelia Cecilia Vasquez-Palma was crossing U.S. 33 near County Road 13, not far from Concord Mall, Just after 10 p.m. Sunday.  She was hit by a vehicle heading southeast on U.S. 33. 

Vasquez-Palma was pronounced deceased at the hospital.

Police say Vasquez-Palma was in a non-pedestrian crossing area and didn't have a signal to cross and was wearing dark clothes. 

Officials also say the driver of the vehicle had a green light, and Vasquez-Palma walked in their path.

In a press release, police identify the driver as a woman from Elkhart.  According to that release, she wasn't cited at the scene.

Police are still investigating this crash.

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