Woman steals back stolen bike

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- A Vancouver woman took justice into her own hands after a thief stole her bike.

When she found the bike for sale on Craigslist, she decided to steal it back.

Kayla Smith says she pretended to be an interested buyer and then arranged to meet him at a McDonald's.

He agreed to let her take the bike for a test drive and she simply pedaled off.

"I danced like as if I had just scored a touchdown in the NFL honestly," said Smith. "Bike theft is huge in Vancouver and people work really hard for their bikes and how dare you? How dare you steal what I worked so hard to buy. I mean, I'm a bartender. I slinged a lot of beers for this you know."

Police are glad Kayla got her bike back but say if you are a similar situation give them a call. They will handle it.

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