Women's health week: In your 40s

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Researchers now say in her lifetime, 1 in 8 women is at risk of developing breast cancer. But there are ways you can prevent yourself from being a part of that statistic. 

Dr. Enrique Infante, an OB/GYN for Beacon Health, says the key to prevention is getting your yearly mammogram.

40 is a milestone. A lot of things in your life may be changing. Your children may be growing older, you may be thinking about a career change, there's a lot going on! 

But despite all of that, you can't lose sight of your health. 

Dr. Infante says, even if you don't feel anything on your self-breast exam you should go in for a mammogram screening anyway. 

Especially if there's a family history or other risk factors. 

Again, prevention is key. "We could catch an early nodule or an early-stage cancer," says Dr. Infante. 

Another thing women in their 40's need to look out for is cervical cancer. This doesn't mean you should run to your doctor in fear. It's just better to be on the safe side and get those check-ups because if your doctors find something pre-cancerous, they can treat it. 

So, remember to be self-aware. Conduct self-breast exams and make yearly mammogram appointments. 


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