Wonderland Cinema repairs underway, doors will open soon

NOW: Wonderland Cinema repairs underway, doors will open soon

NILES, Mi. -- It's been just about a month since the historic flooding ravaged the Michiana area. While people are still cleaning up their homes, some businesses are just now getting back on their feet.

One of those businesses is the iconic Wonderland Cinema in Niles.

"Being close to the St. Joseph River and stuff like that, we had extra water coming down our direction this way," says Douglas Moore, the Vice President of Moore Theaters, Inc. "There was about two feet of water outside of the theater."

Wonderland has undergone a wonder of change in the past month after the historic flooding.

"About an inch in here, we had to take 12 inches of dry wall throughout the whole place. We had to get a company out here to make sure we didn't have any bmold.  All of the insulation came out and part of the floor came up," lists Moore.

Moore let ABC57 take a sneak peak of all of the progress the place has made.

But all of that progress, did come at a price. 

"Cost wise, well it has been a little bit expensive," says Moore. "I can't wait for Wednesdya because that means money is coming back in and just going out."

But it's a price he believes was well worth it: using the water damage to flush out the old, and put in the new.

"It's a blessing in disguise, you know.  It looked a little bit old, a little tired," he explains. "So let's put some new stuff in it and show the community we're investing back in them."

It's a community that has stood by them, every step of the way.

"It's just been fantastic to see everyone come together," he says.

And there's one thing Moore is looking forward to the most with the reopening.

"People. Knowing families. This is their entertainment," he explains. "It's just great to see the smiles and the smell of popcorn. And who doesn't love the smell of popcorn?"

The theater reopens on Wednesday, with the first movie showing at 7 p.m. 

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