Working 9 to 5: yeah, right! Who does that anymore?

I have no idea how you workers on 3rd shift do it!

My best-friend Mike Pache is our overnight reporter and I always tease him about his schedule, we have pegged him the "night creature." Well the jokes were funny until this morning while I'm filling in for Keitha.

Keitha is on vaca today (Friday) and Monday--and while she is away, I'm at bay--literally! 

Mike who has been staring at me for the past hour waiting for a news story just broke the news that today is pay day! Well, that just turned things around now didn't it. lol.

We are having a debate right now about who the best airliner is, our producer just said she doesn't like SW because of the colors?? Really? Ha ha, this is what goes on behind the scenes. She likes Delta best--eck. I'm a SW boy all the way...that was a tangent.

Anyway, I have no idea how you overnight people actually stay awake, overnight! First I couldn't sleep, I went to bed at 8:30 p.m. tonight and woke to my barking dog at 10 p.m. -- I couldn't go back to sleep--so here I am at work.

So what do we do before the AM news? Well that is a good question, since this is my first time here on the AM shift, but I think I have a pretty good idea. Our producer, Jessica gets in around 11:30 p.m. Mike, over over-night reporter follows right after that coming in around midnight, then Keitha and Tom both show up around 3 a.m. Jessica and Mike work hard to get things ready and rollin' before K & T get here. Tom starts building all of his weather graphics and getting things going while Keitha digs over overnight news stories and helps write her scripts into her own words. Quite a bit goes into getting everything together, especially for an hour show.

I'm really excited to fill in, I love the format of a morning show--but this schedule would sure take some getting use to!

My hat is off to all of you on 3rd--

Time to go spend that pay check now! What time is it?? lol

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