Years later, questions still remain in death of Anastacia Cortes Reyes

NOW: Years later, questions still remain in death of Anastacia Cortes Reyes


ELKHART, Ind. -- A cold case remains unsolved in Elkhart.

It is now four years later and there's still no suspect in the case or answers for a husband and his 2 little girls.

Anastacia Cortes Reyes went missing on August 28, 2014.

Her remains would be found by a hunter almost 2 years later.

"It was something very mysterious because we still don't know what happened today with certainty," said Reveriano Ortega, Reyes' husband, in Spanish.

The 55-thousandth block on County Road 27 is a road Ortega will always remember.

It was in a field on County Road 27 that the remains of his wife, Anastacia Cortes Reyes, were found lying on May 5, 2016.

Ortega says the day Reyes went missing, he called her a little after 9 in the morning during his lunch break.

"After I ate, I called Anastacia to see how she was and how the girls were. She said yes that they were fine and that she had taken them to school," said Ortega. "She went to the store, brought the things home and she was supposed to go to work. That’s what was supposed to happen but she never came back."

Since her disappearance, Ortega found himself being a suspect, adding he even had to take a polygraph exam.

Ortega calls the prosecutor's office every 3 to 4 months asking for any new information.

" I think that she left with another man, but that the man would’ve killed her I don’t know," said Ortega.

That doesn't change the fact, however, that he wants whoever killed Reyes to be brought to justice.

"The girls don't have a mother," said Ortega. "It's not only that, but there's a criminal still running free."

Ortega hopes people that knew Anastacia Cortes Reyes will watch this report and come forward.

He thinks everyone has little pieces of information that could be valuable and could potentially put the puzzle together of what really happened to Anastacia Cortes Reyes.

Anyone with information should call the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office.

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