YMCA teams up with O'Brien Fitness Center to continue services

NOW: YMCA teams up with O’Brien Fitness Center to continue services


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- The Greater Michiana YMCA in South Bend closed their doors due to COVID-19, and now one month later, they announced that they are teaming up with the city of South Bend and the O’Brien Fitness Center to bring services back to YMCA members.

“Obviously we have closed our facility on north side and it needed a home, and this should be a great partnership,” Past President and current board member for the YMCA Bill Cerney said.

Members of the YMCA and the O’Brien Center will have full access to the center, and Y members will get free access until August when they figure out new rates.

Unlike the YMCA, the O’Brien center does not have a pool,  but other similar services and programs will be available to members.

“We think having the partnership is going to be able to bring what the Y brings to the community,” Cerney said.

“Bringing some of the expertise that we have in particular and some of the programs that we offer, youth programming to what the city has in such a great set of venues in particular at the O’Brien center.”

Some O’Brien fitness members believe that merging the two facilities will help benefit not just the new members, but the center as a whole.

“A lot of the stuff can help benefit this gym, help make it bigger, more people coming here and help promote some of our classes,” O’Brien member Patrick Booker said.

Although there are concerns about the center getting crowded, members are happy to welcome the new-comers.
“I think just due to the limited spaces here at the facility it’s probably going to be a little cramped but it’s still a good thing because just like Patrick was saying earlier I think it’s good to get other members here on sight and get introduced to some of the classes and stuff that we have here. Also bring more people to the gym, hopefully spark some more memberships,” O’Brien member Andrew Popielski said.

YMCA members will have access to O’Brien Fitness Center starting on July 6.

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