You're hired: People lined up to get their uniforms for upcoming Senior PGA

BENTON HARBOR, Mich.-- The Senior P.G.A. is just over a month away and people were buzzing with excitement, on Friday.

It was the first day volunteers could pick up uniforms and get their credentials for the big event.

Hundreds of people lined up as P.G.A. officials sorted through the paperwork, trying to get everyone signed up.

A Whirlpool worker is very excited to take part in anyway that he can.

Scott Carpenter said, " It is just a once in a life time experience, I think. It is not often you can do something like this, you get full access to the event the entire time. It is just a great way to take part and be right next to the players."

The Senior P.G.A. will take place May 22 through May 27 at Harbor Shores Golf Course.


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