Youth Literacy Program growing in South Bend

With more kids staying inside from the cold weather, the South Bend Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo is trying to get their hands off the remote and onto a book. 

The Expo currently has mini-libraries set up in laundromats and housing units around South Bend, like Beacon Heights. 

They say they are currently working with the housing authority to get a mini-library out to every part of the city. But they need more hands; and more books. 

The Expo is asking for volunteers and donations to get their program off and running, and spread the reading to kids around the city.

"We want to make sure we can get a book in a child's hand every opportunity we can. So we thought, we need to expand this," said Rose Clark, Youth Literacy Program chair. "So where are our most at risk populations? Government subsidized housing. So we decided we are going to put a library there."

The organization also hosts reading workshops with local kids. It all leads up to this summer's Literacy Jam. That's where kids team up in groups, read a book together, and discuss with an adult mentor. 

You can send donations and books to P.O Box 335 here in South Bend. You can also contact president Craig Clark at 574-339-3272 to volunteer. 

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