$1 Million winning PowerBall ticket remains unclaimed

UNION, Mich. -- Off an empty side road in Union, Michigan, cars line the parking lot of Union Market.  It's a small family owned store that gets a lot of foot traffic.  On Sunday morning, John and his wife found out one of their customers bought a winning PowerBall ticket.

"Someone matched five numbers to win a million dollars on the powerball and it was sold at Union Market," says John Wetzel, owner of Union Market.
The winning numbers are 21-24-36-42-45, with a PowerBall number of 15.

"A million dollars is going to change someone's life, and I really hope they need it," says Wetzel.
Customer after customer, and no one with that lucky ticket yet.
"I'm just excited, every customer that walks in, are you the one, are you the one," questions Wetzel.  "And they may want to remain anonymous, it's just so exciting to change someone's life like this."
Locals and visitors of the area walk in and out of this small town market, upset they don't have the winning ticket.

"You know, mad that I didn't come back last week to get one, and buy a ticket because I buy every once in awhile, you know, that's awesome, I'm so happy, that somebody won from around the area," says Cassopolis resident James Bessmer.

"They told me that someone won a million from here, I hope and pray they use it wisely and I only wish it was me," says Betty Murphy, an Elkhart resident driving through town.
Others who don't personally play the lottery still have advice for the ticket holder.
"Pay off their bills, donate it to a good cause, and just have fun, just have tons of fun," says Union resident Annette Lukowski.

There is another winning ticket that was a Match 5 at a CVS in Belville. Union Market hopes that the winner comes back in soon to claim theirs. 

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