10-Year-old boy escapes from would-be kidnapper

CROMWELL, Ind. --  A Kosciusko County boy says he narrowly escaped from a man who forced him inside an SUV.

The 10-year-old said he was riding his bike through his neighborhood, in broad daylight, when the man tried to grab him. This is now the county's second attempted abduction in just weeks.

 The family is terrified, especially the 10-year-old boy. He says he is afraid to go outside because the the last thing the man said to him was, 'I will find you'.

Amber Filion says she lives in a safe neighborhood, "I have never had any problems, I have never worried about my kids ever".

Until now, the mother of four has always let her kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood and play in the yard by themselves. Then on  July 20th she got a frightening phone call from her oldest son.

"He was so emotional and distraught, he could barely talk," said Filion.

Filion's son, Casey, said a man tried to kidnap him. The boy was riding his bike home from the community pool, with a friend, when a tan trailblazer nearly hit him. Casey fell off his bike and when he got up he said the man, driving the SUV, grabbed him.

After he threw him [Casey] against the fence, he carried him to the car. He kept struggling and then he finally just gave up and stopped struggling and let him put him in his truck".

Casey waited until the man starting walking back around to the driver's door, then he made a run for it. Still, he almost did not get away. The man grabbed him by the shirt, but somehow Casey was able to get free of his grip and started running.

"He shouldn't have to worry about that. He is a child. He needs to be able to play outside and be with his friends," said Filion.

She said her son was luck to get away and now she has a message for other parents: watch your kids and be on the look out. "Even if you live in a safe neighborhood because you never know what can happen".

The man, as he was described by the boy, was in his 50s or 60s with white hair and mustache. The Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

In June, a Warsaw girl, around the same age, said an older man tried to lure her into his car white car with candy. However, officials have not said if they believe these two attempted abductions are connected.

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