10 year old concerned about crime in his Granger neighborhood

 A ten-year-old Boy Scout is speaking out about crime in his neighborhood, he is calling on police to beef up patrols in the area.

“It is scary that there are people around here going and breaking into cars and stealing.”  Lincoln Martinez.

Martinez is a Webelos Scout from Pack 750.   Martinez is only ten years old, but he has some big concerns.

“Who knows if the thieves are going to stop at cars? They might start going to people's houses and getting stuff,” said Martinez. 

He takes the break-ins very seriously.  Martinez wrote a letter to the editor about the crime in his Granger neighborhood and it was published in the South Bend Tribune.

“I'm worried about my younger sisters also,” said Martinez.  “The neighborhood patrol has been increased and I want it to stay increased or increase even more so we do not have any more car break-ins.”

Martinez says the break-ins are getting closer and closer to his front door.  In fact, he knows the owner of the car that was most recently targeted.

“I was just shocked about that.  He lives so close to me, and my family, it could have happened to us.”
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