101-year-old Mishawaka library transforms to tequila bar and grill

NOW: 101-year-old Mishawaka library transforms to tequila bar and grill


It's something from the past to become a piece of Mishawaka's future.

The 101-year-old Carnegie Library, in the heart of town, is being gutted and torn up.

It's making way for a brand new bar and grill that only ABC57 News was able to get a sneak peak of .

"I've been driving by this building for about five to six years and I've always loved it," says George Pesek, the brains behind the vision.

A vision that he describes as "[having] a lot of character [and] a lot of cache inside."

The library has been abandoned and unused for years, but won't be much longer.

"The building will be housing two concepts: upstairs is going to be special events like banquets," explains Pesek. "Downstairs is going to be a Latin American grill and tequila bar. It's going to be a very casual gathering place."

A gathering place like no other in the Michiana area.

Pesek is the owner of two other local restaurant adventure, creating Evil Czech Brewery and Corndance Tavern. 

But the Jesús Latin Grill and Tequila Bar will remain true to the building's foundation.

"It's so grand that we'd like to preserve it to the glory of it once was. It's really beautiful," he adds.

It will have new additions and upgrades that will make dining an experience. 

"We're going to have an outdoor garden with a fire pit and lots of other features," Pesek says. 

It's an experience that has taken his team down to Mexico, to get more inspiration for food and drinks that have a heavy main focus on Peruvian and Argentinian cuisine.

"The tequila bar we're going to feature tequila and mezcals. We have a list right now of 300 brands we would carry," he explains.

This is a mission to fulfill a dream Pesek has always wanted to build on. 

"I have a lot of passion for Latin food. I've always liked it," he says. "It's challenging. It's a new thing and it's definitely a new project for us. And I think it's the one we're most excited about."

Crews are finishing up demolishing the inside of the building.  

Once that is done, construction can begin.

Pesek says he opens doors will be open in January or February of 2018. 

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