11-Year-old writes book about Notre Dame football

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- For 11-year-old Jacob Keyes, this past year has certainly had its challenges.

"We kept on using the internet and all these different resources trying to find their email or their address, and it took awhile," Keyes said.

Jake is author of 'The Little Gipper's Welcome to Notre Dame Football'.

He isn't old enough to drive a car yet or even stay up past midnight, but Keyes has been steadily working on his first title.

"I saw a ton of great football books, but I didn't really see any for my age group; which is about eighth through twelve years old," Keyes said. "So, I set off and wrote the book myself."

Today, Jake met a line full of fans and signed copies of his book at Hamme's Book Store; the very same place he got his inspiration just two years ago.

"When he said he wanted to do it, we of course encouraged him and helped him with the process," Mike Keyes, Jake's father, said. "We didn't know that he would actually see it through, because we knew it'd be a big time commitment and energy commitment too."

But Jake said all the time and energy he spent was worth it.

"I just want to inspire people, and make them read this book, and maybe write their own," Keyes said.

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