132-Year-old church finds a new congregation

ST. JOSEPH, Mich.-- A local landmark that's been up for sale has been bought by a church in Monroe, Michigan. The old St. Peter's Church closed down in 2013 due to money problems.

The Shore Church kicked off their services on Sunday with a special guest speaker. Frank Tanana, a former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers said he's happy to help get the church back on its feet again.

Tanana said, “Whether it be in a church or on a ball field or at a golf course I just love preaching, and it’s great to do it here in St. Joseph.”

The Monroe Missionary Baptist Church is investing thousands of dollars into the 132-year-old chapel. The Shore Church's pastor is excited about the development and giving back to the community.

Kevin Hestor said, “There’s been a bridge there. We want to come together and gap that bridge, we want to mend things.”

Hestor along with other volunteers have been doing construction throughout the week to conserve the landmark's beauty.

“They’ve been sending teams down and they’ve helped to renovate the auditorium, they built the stage, they’ve hung the dry wall, they’ve cleaned classrooms, they’ve painted, and worked on electrical wiring. They’ve done an awful lot and they are going to continue to do that,” Hestor said.

Tanana said he was honored to preach at the old St. Peter's Church.

“Hopefully people will walk true to God’s word but sometimes when they don’t, he moves some people out, and moves others in,” Tanana said. 

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