14-year-old student arrested for resisting police


A 14-year-old student from North Side Middle School was arrested Thursday afternoon after allegedly resisting officers who were attempting to take her into custody.

Elkhart Police were called to the school at 3:15 regarding a theft.

Police learned a student was causing problems and had left the school property.

Officers located the student walking in the area.

She was taken back to school to meet with administrators and her mother. At that time, police determined she would be arrested for incorrigibility.

As she was taken into custody, police said the teen resisted by pushing, pulling and kicking.

Officers carried her to a police vehicle.

She spit on one of the officers and attempted to kick out the window of the police vehicle, police said.

The 14-year-old was arrested for incorrigibility, battery on an officer, battery by bodily waste and resisting law enforcement.

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