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16-year-old girl stabbed with box cutter during altercation

ELKHART, Ind. – A 16-year-old female was stabbed by a man after a verbal altercation on Thursday according to the Elkhart Police Department.

Elkhart PD responded to a battery call that came in around 7 a.m. and were dispatched to the 2200 block of Cassopolis Lot 96.

Police said that Steven Neil, 21, allegedly stabbed a 16-year-old female after a verbal fight that turned physical.

Neil allegedly stabbed the girl in the chest with a box cutter. 

The girl was transported to the Elkhart General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Neil was arrested for battery with a deadly weapon. 

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Frostbunny 477 days ago
Ron your stuipid I know everything that happened so people can stop lying. That 16 year old girl is lying she is not mentally stable and she was obsessed with him she told him that if he wouldn't be with her that she would kill herself she made those marks she was NOT stabbed she took his electric beard razor and did that to herself. The fact that you dont know what truely happened and you want to make assumptions makes you look a horrible person. Learn the facts before you open your mouth
ron 493 days ago
oh my better call for a ban on assault box cutters (makes about as much sense as gun bans)
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