18-year-old facing charges after fleeing from a traffic stop

NOW: 18-year-old facing charges after fleeing from a traffic stop

PLYMOUTH, Ind. -- An 18-year-old is facing charges after a high-speed police chase in Marshall County. It started on US 31 when that driver wouldn’t stop for a state police officer and took off - even winding through a quiet neighborhood - before things ended with the driver in handcuffs, and no one hurt.

“I was getting ready to play some PlayStation and I heard vehicles coming down the road speeding and I was like there must be a medical emergency," said Christina Hedger, Plymouth Resident.

The police chase starting near US 31 and SR 30 after a deputy clocked the silver Nissan SUV at 100 mph - causing concern for some parents.

“Our kids like cross the street often to play with each other chasing balls in the street. It’s just we try to get em to slow down through here but it just you just never know," said Kim Olivarez, Plymouth Resident.

While there were no injuries reported and it began once children were already in school parents say this incident could have ended much differently.

“Had it been an hour sooner there would’ve been 6 or 8 kids at the bus stop on that corner," said Olivarez.

Although the neighborhood is known for being relatively quiet, Hedger says this isn’t the first time people have come speeding through her neighborhood.

“People need to slow down. People need to be cautious. You know unless it’s an emergency. You really don’t need to go that fast," said Hedger.

18-year-old Da Qua Micou, of South Bend, was booked for resisting law enforcement, reckless driving, having marijuana, and not having a license.

A passenger in the car, was booked for a marijuana charge as well.

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