1988 Notre Dame-Miami game has special meaning for couple

NOW: 1988 Notre Dame-Miami game has special meaning for couple

The 1988 'Catholics vs Convicts' game produced many things, including a bitter rivalry, but while the battle was playing out on the field, love was blooming in the stands.

The game was memorable both on the field and in the stands for the Cosgroves. It was the day Linda and Joe Cosgrove met.

"I first met Linda in 88 when she was a senior at Notre Dame. I came down with a couple buddies and we had a crazy weekend," Joe Cosgrove said.

It was the weekend of the 'Catholics vs. Convicts' game.

A heated rivalry between two teams with no love lost, but Linda and Joe had no idea love was about to bloom.

"I was able to meet Linda because we snuck into the student section," Joe said.

"I was hanging out in the student section with all my friends, just hanging out. And up came my husband strutting up the stairs and it was adorable. And he came and tried to sneak into our row. That was one of the first times I laid eyes on him," Linda said.

As the drama unfolded on the field, their drama began in the stands.

"We sort of formed a bond. No matter who was around you were holding hands. You didn't even know who you were next to. Every play was a group effort. But at the end of the game, we were like see you later - and I thought I would never see him again," Linda said.

She was wrong. They met again twice.

"So three months later we are running around tailgating at the Fiesta Bowl and it was like, wait, I know him. We took a picture and we remembered each other. But he went one way then he went the other way. I graduated from college and lived in Chicago for a year, and then I ran into him again and we recognized each other," Linda said.

This time Joe didn't let her go.

"He asked me out and we got engaged nine months later," Linda said.

The rest is history. The Cosgroves just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

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